Devising Research


Below is a schedule of covered topics as we cover them, along with their associated activities.

Week Topic
1 Introduction to the course. Finding ideas by writing keywords and then searching articles that hinge on these ideas
1 No lab
2 Ideas for research, choosing relevant key words, locating articles, and presenting ideas. Assignment 01 Note: you will have to refresh your browser after clicking on this link to see your working repository with your name in the URL.
2 presentation time
3 Online Research Notebooks using Hugo web servers. Assignment 02
3 lightning talk
4 Using the literature to find valuable resources. Assignment 03
4 lightning talk
5 What’s the gap?! Where does the knowledge end to begin your project. Assignment 04
5 work; catch up time
6 Scope and Feasibility: Is your idea feasible? Can you complete it in the time we have? Assignment 5
6 work; catch up time
7 Prototype: Build something to show how your completed project will look. Assignment 6
7 work; catch up time
8 Finding readers for our senior year. Which faculty members will be best for our project work?
8 work; catch up time
9 Final Product: Putting all the above ideas to gether to tell a story of all parts of your project, from beginning to the completion.
9 work; catch up time